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Journey to CELL

After a year of cancelled shows, live performance is back! On June 11th and 12th, Toledo’s Human Experience Modern Dance Company will come together to put on “CELL”, a performance showcasing the talents of both THE’s adult company and its apprentice company, THE2.

Artistic Directors Ashley Hill (THE Modern Dance Co.) and Rapheal Griffin (THE2 Modern Dance Co.) have choreographed works based on the overall themes of the show; science, transformation, and, of course, the human experience. THE has transformed greatly in the past year by welcoming ten new company members, and changing and adapting to follow public health guidelines.

As a non-profit 501(c)3, THE Modern Dance Co. strives to work toward creating a positive impact on our community, and our focus this year is food insecurity. For this performance, we have partnered with our venue, Epiphany Lutheran Church, and a portion of our ticket sales will benefit their “Feed Your Neighbor” program.


Le Moulin

Music by Yann Tiersen

Choreography by Ashley Hill

Performed by THE Modern Dance Co.


Music by Nathan Lanier

Choreography by Rapheal Griffin

Performed by THE2 Modern Dance Co.

Mothertongue Interlude

Music by Nico Mulhy

Fragments of Self

Music by Max Cooper and Tom Hodge

Choreography by Lisa Edwards, Laura Jane Moser, Marisa Dickens, Jewell Gust, Gwenivere Durand, Daniel Zook

Performed by THE Modern Dance Co.

Labyrinth of Youth

Music by Peter Sandburg

Choreography by Laura Jane Moser

Performed by THE2 Modern Dance Co.

Pictures at an Exhibition

Music by Modest Mussorgsky

Performed by Tessa Decker, Darcie Strayer, Gwenivere Durand, Marisa Dickens

Y Chromosome

Music by Relentless

Choreography by Dom Glover

Performed by Dom Glover


Music by Matteo Myderwyck

Choreography by Ashley Hill

Performed by Candi Cornelius, Laura Jane Moser, Rapheal Griffin, Lisa Edwards, Hannah Kramer, Tessa Decker, Marisa Dickens, Darcie Strayer, Megan Kelley, Ally Fitzgerald, Breanna Houston, Kiersten Isabell, Lauren Jachimiak, Lily Stolz, Taylor Halsey

Mothertongue Interlude

Music by Nico Mulhy

Give Me Love

Music by Ed Sheeran

Choreography by Ashley Hill and Rapheal Griffin

Performed by THE and THE2


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