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Young Artist Dance Company
Ages 13-18 years


Performing arts has a way of connecting us all on a deeper level of human existence.

From the Artistic Director of THE2:

My vision is to provide a quality artistic experience for young artists through performances, classes, and workshops. I'd like to enhance the Toledo art scene upholding dance as a positive art form encouraging self-awareness and inspiring self-confidence, discipline, and respect for the performing arts. As a choreographer, I strive to connect young artists to the beauty and passion behind the dance movement to create something gratifying for both dancers and the audience alike.

THE2 rehearsals will take place at THE studio over two Sundays a month from 2-4 pm. Join us for this exciting opportunity to grow artistically and professionally!

Interested in dancing with THE2?

Please send us an email and subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date on all things THE2. 


Rapheal Griffin, MFA

THE2 Artistic Director 

"Dance keeps my soul searching for innovative ways to choreograph, collaborate and collectively unite dancers that share a passion for movement. Dance is what sets my soul on fire when I move through any space. After twenty plus year of teaching, dancing, and choreographing, my passion for movement has moved, inspired, and uplifted so many people. I remember walking into my first dance class at BGSU, overwhelmed by my pre-law major, I took a modern dance class. After moving through the studio space and learning how to articulate my body in such a way that I could have ever imagined, i knew I was meant to dance. After taking many genres of dance classes, performing in the university’s pre-professional company University Performing Dancers, I completed my undergraduate degree in dance with an emphasis on dance education. Wanting to further my creativeness in dance that had ignited my life, my path lead me to my graduate work at the University of Michigan. While there I had the opportunity to perform and be a part of Ann Arbor Dance Works, the resident dance company of the University of Michigan. I received a full tuition scholarship from the university of Michigan and now hold a Master’s of Fine Arts in choreography and performance. Receiving this scholarship has lead me to so many opportunities to teach, dance, collaborate and simply share my love for the art of dance. Some of those opportunities include teaching dance at Owens Community College for the past fourteen years, teaching and choreographing for various dance studios throughout northwest Ohio, and collaborating with various artists on dance projects within the community. My continued goal in life is to keep the unprecedented interest in dance soaring across our community."

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